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Provide career development by automatically matching employees with jobs and projects based on skills and interests

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Put as much effort into retaining and developing your employees as you put into recruiting them

Give your best employees new opportunities to utilize and develop their skills


Understand skills and interests


Match business needs with growth opportunities


Provide real-time feedback and ratings


Employees see a future at your organization

Build a marketplace full of opportunities for professional and leadership development

Encourage a culture of career development and growth with a marketplace that enables organizations to better understand and utilize their employee’s skills and match them to relevant job openings and project opportunities.

Create Rich User Profiles

Puling information that is either publicly available or by integrating to your ATS, HRIS or Talent Management system, Rallyteam leverages smart algorithms to automatically generate and update employee profiles with skills, experience and interests.

Instantly identify the right resource for the right job or project via the Rallyteam Match Score

Using data science, machine learning, and a bit of magic, Rallyteam auto-matches and sorts the best qualified employees for open jobs or projects. Recruiters and project owners are then presented with the best matches for their opportunity.

Quickly notify employees and allow them to express interest in jobs or projects

When the best employee for the job or opportunity has been identified, recruiters and project owners can quickly and easily notify the employee that they are a good fit for the role.

Intelligently suggest jobs and projects to qualified employees

The more your employees express interest in and complete projects, the better Rallyteam gets at suggesting additional opportunties that would also be a good fit given their experience.

Provide ratings, endorsements, and real-time feedback that works

For projects and tasks you can easily rate and provide real-time, private feedback. Experience ratings and skill endorsements automatically update on talent profiles keeping everyone in the know.

Deep analytics and talent intelligence.

Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, HR professional, or an executive, Rallyteam analytics provide the insight to execute against your talent mobility, hiring, and workforce planning goals.

Rallyteam seamlessly integrates with your existing HR & business solutions
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