Rallyteam has competitive pricing and plans that we know are going to be perfect for your organization be it big or small.

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Why do I need a private, talent marketplace?

We created Rallyteam to enable organizations to become more agile and better manage today’s workforce. We believe that by making it easier for companies to better understand and utilize their talent we can help create a better, more efficient and more innovative workplace.

Is Rallyteam a Freelancer Management System (FMS)?

Yes, Rallyteam is an FMS (and much more). You can leverage Rallyteam to onboard, manage, invoice and pay your freelancers.

Can I try Rallyteam for free?

Of course! Your first 30 days are on us. Sign-up for Rallyteam (no credit card required) and you’ll be up and running in no time. If you love it (which we believe you will), you can continue using Rallyteam by simply providing your payment details.

Is Rallyteam free for my Freelancers?

Yes. Rallyteam is 100% free for your Freelancers.

How do I upload my existing Freelancers?

We make getting your existing Freelancers into Rallyteam a piece of cake. Simply leverage the in app data loader to quickly and easily upload detailed data for thousands of freelancers.

Do I need to install any software?

No. Rallyteam is a SaaS-based application delivered via the web. It can be accessed anytime from any device.

What type of organizations leverage Rallyteam?

We have clients of all sizes and from varied geographies and industries. While a majority of our clients manage their external workforce (freelancers, contractors, agencies) via Rallyteam, we also have cutting edge organizations leveraging our solution to make their employees more agile and efficient.

Does Rallyteam integrate with other software?

Rallyteam integrates with lots of other software including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Slack, Jira, Workday, Office365, NetDocuments, Docusign, and more.

Is there training available for my team?

We provide a comprehensive onboarding service and access to our knowledge base to help get your team up and running quickly with Rallyteam.

Does anyone really read these FAQ’s?

We hope so! We strive to answer all of your questions upfront and look forward to having you as a satisfied client!