See what makes Rallyteam a powerful solution for managing your external workforce.

Quickly onboard your freelancers

Easily create your network via .csv upload or by importing Outlook and Google contacts. Quickly complete background checks and accurately classify freelancers and vendors. Secure headcount approvals and execute forms like NDAs, contracts and W9/1099s.

Easily staff your freelancers to all ongoing projects

Post projects and job openings to the Opportunity Marketplace. Auto-recruit team members by skill and experience. Enable collaboration and transparency with discussion boards, direct messaging and file attachments. Create and assign tasks, and use built-in Kanban boards to monitor progress.

Manage ongoing work with your freelancers

Build rich profiles for freelancers and vendors, including tags for skills, interests, education and experience. Capture ratings and endorsements for actual work completed. Maintain private notes and attachments, and view project portfolios.

Accept and approve invoices from your freelancers

Dramatically streamline your invoicing and payment processes. Create custom invoice templates, and send/receive invoices in one place. Create and save custom payment plans, and quickly issue payments. Add credit and assign it directly to the appropriate teams.

Review and share feedback with teammates and freelancers

Review your teammates and contractors based on their work. Attach notes, files and always be up to date on how your teams are performing.

Track all of your freelancers in one place

Gain visibility and intelligence into every level of your freelancer and vendor management process. Verify onboarding compliance at a glance. Easily monitor your spend across teams and your entire organization, and compare your spend by time period. View and compare performance across your talent pool, and get in-depth reports on key skill areas.

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