Build A Culture Of Innovation

3 Ways Any Company Can Build A Culture Of Innovation

Here’s something leaders at large organizations don’t understand: You don’t have to be a startup to innovate. As established companies lose market share to smaller, more innovative competitors, most still refuse to acknowledge and change the antiquated structures and mindsets … Read More

Hackathons: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Hackathons [eBook]

Call it a hack day, code-a-thon, innovation day or think-off, hackathons have moved from the startup garage to the corporate mainstage. Your guide to enterprise hackathons In our newest eBook, you’ll learn why hackathons aren’t just for engineers, find out what … Read More

Hackathon Participants Use Rallyteam to Connect

In June, we had the opportunity to help connect hackers with projects at a Microsoft hackathon hosted by Liane Scult, Community PM on the CXO team and head of the ASG chapter of The Garage. Liane used Rallyteam to help attendees team up … Read More