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Fill positions quickly by automatically matching internal candidates with open jobs

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Put as much effort into finding internal talent and promoting from within as you put into recruiting external candidates

Give your best employees better job opportunities to utilize and develop their skills


Auto-magically create profiles


Seamlessly connect to open jobs


Instantly view matched candidates


Quickly notify and gauge interest

Sync to your exisiting career website and get up and running in 1 week

Rallyteam pulls information from your career website and matches open positions with your employees skills and experience. This gives you the ability to be up and running quickly with no integrations required.

Instantly identify your strongest internal candidates via the Rallyteam Match Score

Using data science, machine learning, and a bit of magic, Rallyteam auto-matches and sorts the best qualified candidates to the top, saving your recruiters countless hours reviewing unqualified candidates.

Create talent pools to search and filter for candidates any way you can dream up

Recruiters can create talent pools to narrow their search based on job function, location, availability, skills and more. Gone are the days of having to sort through each resume to see if they meet the right criteria.

Quickly notify employees or hiring managers about open positions

As soon as the internal candidate has been identified, recruiters can quickly and easily notify the hiring manager or the employee that they are a good fit for the role. Parameters can be set-up around which employees are eligible to change positions or how employees should be contacted.

Deep analytics and talent intelligence

Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, HR professional, or an executive, Rallyteam analytics provide the insight to execute against your talent mobility, hiring, and workforce planning goals.

Rallyteam seamlessly integrates with your existing HR & business solutions
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