Spend less time on finding talent and more time on your business.

Create Rich User Profiles.

Rallyteam integrates to both internal and external data sources. Our platform leverages smart algorithms to automatically generate and update employee profiles with skills, experience, projects, etc. Now you can have an accurate and up-to-date view of your entire talent pool.

Match the right resource to the right opportunity.

HRIS, Talent Management, and ATS applications are not great solutions for matching talent to your opportunities. Get your talent on the Rallyteam platform and quickly zero in on the right resource(s) for the any job, project, or task.

Instantly identify your strongest candidates via the Rallyteam Match Score.

Using data science, machine learning, and a bit of magic, Rallyteam Match Score sorts the best matched profiles to the top, saving you countless hours reviewing unqualified candidates.

Search and filter any way you can dream up.

Leverage the Talent Marketplace Directory to search via skills, job function, location, availability, and more. You don’t have to read every profile to find the right talent.

Ratings, endorsements, and real-time feedback that works.

For projects and tasks you can easily rate and provide real-time, private feedback. Experience ratings and skill endorsements automatically update on talent profiles keeping everyone in the know.

Deep analytics and talent intelligence.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a hiring manager, or an executive, Rallyteam analytics provide the insight to execute against your talent mobility, hiring, and workforce planning goals.

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