With Rallyteam’s vendor management solution you can better manage your vendors, staffing agencies, contractors, and contingent workforce.

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As organizations of all sizes expand their non-employee workforce, they increasingly require a comprehensive solution to manage all categories of their extended workforce, including vendors, temporary staff, professional contractors, service workers, consultants, project-based workers, independent contractors, freelancers, and alumni.

A vendor management solution for small to mid-size organizations.

Easily onboard, manage, and pay your vendors, staffing agencies, and contingent workforce.


Classify, capture skills data and complete required contractual documents (NDA’s, MSA’s, etc.).


Auto-match and assign projects to the best vendor or agency based on their expertise, strengths and availability.


Provide real-time feedback and ratings to your contingent workforce and vendors.

Invoice & Pay

Receive and approve invoices from your vendors…pay them effortlessly.

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